Levihan fanfic & fanart

Disclaimer : The inspiration of this art which is the fantastic anime/manga series Shingeki No Kyojin, belongs to Isayama Hajime and his posse.

The context of the photo is that right after the fitting of their new uniform, Hange gets emotional watching Levi sporting the Wings Of Freedom cloak.

So after confirmation that everything fits and everyone’s ok with their uniforms, they both absconded to a discreet part of the walls.


The memory of everything long past overwhelmed her that day. Even before their fitting session, in with the new uniform and out with the old, Hange had been in an emotional month. She had a hard time letting go of the past.

Levi had been prodding her for months to let him move every closed documents from Erwin’s years to the military archive, but Hange just couldn’t let go. But to start a revolution of Humanity’s fight against their enemies they needed a new outlook, and they need space for new. Finally Hange closed the last of the documents and tied the folders. Meanwhile, Levi headed the transfer of the documents to the military archive with the rest of their new recruits. Hange stayed back to supervise the renovation of the office, as Pixis had already called in renovators. The SC Commander was glad they managed to archive the files in time. Pixis received large sums from the empire to renovate their buildings and now that they have new sources of material from the formerly Titan infested land, improvements were being made in droves.

The fitting session was ending as Levi came into the room fashionably late. He had already noted Hange of his needed appearance before Queen Historia for an orphan’s birthday and walked in wearing the Wings of Freedom cloak. When Hange saw Levi wearing the cloak, her emotions crashed. But as leader of a new era of the Survey Corps, she had mastered emotional control, preferring to vent her personal turmoils in private. And Levi, her right hand man, and partner, could see in the twitching of her brows and grip of her hands that she was keeping something from everyone. So he asked Mikasa if everything was done, and the young Ackerman took a look at their Commander and quickly understood that the session was ending right then. Everyone was just dawdling too, and as a sketcher was present they kept asking the drawing to draw them in the new uniform.

And soon after they absconded, Levi took Hange’s face in his hands.

“The cloak looks good on you,” Hange said.

Levi smiled into Hange’s eyes and smiled, “I know, I’m glad you agreed that I wear it. I need my Commander’s blessings.”

Hange instantly melted at his smile and faltered, “It’s… It’s a symbol of our freedom… It’s…”

“It’s also so much more than that…” he finished for her. They sat together, forehead touching and hearts trying to beat in sync.

Holding her up close was a rarity these days as they were super busy with so many preparations. And clean freak Levi recognised the scent she was wearing, or at least the soap she had used.

“Hey did you bathe today? You smell so good,” Levi as always making sure his beloved knows that he appreciated her.

Hange smiled sheepishly, “Yeah, used some soap i snitched from you utility drawer, is it for me? it’s nicely wrapped.” She waited nervously for Levi’s answer. There was always a chance that it was for someone else. They had made themselves exclusives for each other so far.

He smiled knowingly, she was always snitching things from him since she discovered his stuff smelled better than the military standard soaps. It was just her insecurity talking, he assumed. He reassured her, “I knew you’d find it there, I didn’t manage to give it to you before I head to the SC road tour with Jean and Sasha. How are you? I missed you for a week.”

“I missed you too. And I’m happy….” she confessed. She thought back on his fashionably late entrance and the way his muscles move in the fitting uniform.

Levi immediately remembered the leather eye patch which just arrived this morning while he was on his way back to their barracks. He should fetch it quick before anyone asked about that parcel from Stohess couture. But he wouldn’t tell her here, later maybe tonight.

“Me too,” he said. It was enough to make her smile.

“Erwin will be happy with what we’re doing,” Hange said with a solemn smile.

So that was what bothered his Hange. Erwin and his legacy. Levi also knew that Hange who was called Mommy Commander behind her back, was just overwhelmed. It happened to everyone. It happened with him, after Farlan and Isabel… well they were alright in the end, they had to be alright for humanity.

“Well, he better rest in peace knowing we’re doing everything for humanity,” he replied. Concise and earnest, and it was the truth.

“Damn right,” Hange said and nodded in agreement.

They relaxed into the forehead touch. His touch reassures her, and her presence soothes him.


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School is almost out

In my country the new year started with school opening, but in contrast my school is almost out for the semester by January’s end. I’m about to be on my merry way to semester break, though I’m already on a pre-break mood. Lucky that this semester I don’t have any final paper. While other students have final papers which started on 3rd January, all I got this semester are assignments which killed my ass. Just today I sent in the major assignment’s for two courses and then another one is due by Jan 14th. I think I better finish that one by this week and then I’ll be, for real on my merry way to pre-break mood.

I will surely miss this semester, with all the sleepless nights and money being spent. I think I have spent hundreds ringgits on printings, paint, brush and more. I don’t have a student loan since I am financing myself with my own cold hard cash/and some help from the in-laws. No study loans were available for my Graphic Design course, what a pity.

BTW, here are some of the assignments I did this semester.

These are paintings I did for my Drawing II course. Copying the work of great masters.  The white eyeless one is based on Giorgio De Chirico The Two Masks (1926),  while the head bust and glove is a copy of The Song of Love (1914) . They were poor attempts at copying him as I finished them both within 24 hours. They were painted using poster colour and this was among my first time using poster colour, and all I could sum up about poster colour is, chalky.



Then we had to do two final projects which were a composition of stuff. First of all we had to do a data collection, 20 things you want to paint. I wanted to do pop art painting so I approached two themes, one was for advertising and the other exploring Malaysian folklore.



This is an advertising themed pop art. The handbags are inspired by Moschino handbag,



The second one was totally impromptu so it’s a little ugly to me, but my hubs said it looked ok, so I am a little relieved.


Only when I handed them in to my drawing lecturer, did I notice that the mousedeer, tiger and monkey are blue. Well, my tube of yellow colour was finished and I was tired. Next time paint earlier ok, said me to myself.


I participated in Secret Santa SNK Veterans Gift Exchange at Tumblr. I got someone who adores the pairing Mike Zacharias + Nanaba, popularly labelled as MikeNana from Shingeki No Kyojin.

So at first I was nervous about creating something for them since the account had some really pretty MikeNana fanart. But the person coordinating the exchange said it was about fostering a healthy exchange/communication thing between SNK fans on Tumblr so I pushed my insecurities away and made something for them. The account holder @Trash-God requested for fluff, so I gave them something which I think is humourous.

It is censored so a little nsfw lol.



After 2 hour and 43 minutes…



After 2 hour and 29 minutes…..



And a bonus Levihan. I can never skip Levihan entirely.


For those not familiar with the otp Levihan, it’s the Levi Ackerman / Levi Heichou + Commander Hange Zoe = Levihan.

Hope y’all enjoyed this too. Have a happy new year.
I’m sorry for the tiddies here, lmao.

Character for Branding

I made these for class this weekend. What do you think? My branding approach is to show a fresher looking post natal mother who underwent the company’s (a make belive one) confinement service. I also made another one in a uniform but I prefer this one because the lecturer was pushing for a traditional clothes wearing character.

Sayang means love or care, which is to suit the tender loving care given to post natal mothers after childbirth which is rough business. I did it twice, caesarian and normal birth, both had its crazies and merits.

Anyway, I don’t know why but there’s a glitch here and she looked like she had a skin condition which would be fine in the real world. It showed normalcy, diversity, acceptance of flaw, but since this is for an assignment I will have to correct that. Actually I screencapped this from my Google Drive and the read file went loopy in preview.

The orange+magenta+pink clothing is supposed to be kebaya but with random colours chosen because this is my first draft. I had many pains doing this since this is only my fifth time using illustrator exclusively, but after 12 hours with this I am not a complete noob anymore, i’m more familiar with photoshop but it’s harder to draw in that.

Anyway I used the rounded pen tool so they’re all distorted shapes, except the hands which were traced from a reference pic. The colour is awful because I drew this from 11 am to 12.40 am the next day and couldn’t think anymore in the repairing process. I am going to refine this tomorrow.

Nanowrimo wrapped up

My Nanowrimo for 2017 was a failure at 9, 781, short of 40, 219 words. My excuse is that my part time class was 2 weeks apart so I was preoccupied with homework and can’t really concentrate on Nanowrimo. Better luck next year. Meanwhile, read my one shot fanfic featuring Sonic OPM (femalized) and Genos. AU of course. This was one of the thing I wrote for Nanowrimo 2017.

STRANGE MEETING : 4120 words

According to Sutera, Sonic should have taken a degree in graphic design when she was freshly out of secondary school, but instead Sonic had taken the mass communication route. It was a waste of years and talent, Sutera had added. Sonic just nodded and proceeded to listen to her old friend’s rant while she chomped on her burger. Apparently Sutera thought Sonic was foolish and had made a mistake.

Meanwhile Sonic thought otherwise and she also thought about how supportive her office mates had been and in contrast how opposed her friend was. Her office mates were made up of people who have known her for seven years, compared to Sutera who knew her when she was barely out of nappy. Sutera was being critical and Sonic wondered why.

“So, you want to be a graphic designer now? Is not it too late, like ten years late?”  Sutera said as her eyes bore into Sonic’s.

Sonic quickly closed her eyes and held tightly onto her burger, she bit the last piece and chewed really slow. She then sighed and opened her eyes all while avoiding Sutera ’s eyes. Her hands were balmy and oily so she grabbed a tissue and wiped her hands dry. She still had a plate of fries to finish but after hearing  Sutera ’s rant she lost her appetite.

“You still on about me continuing my study in art?” Sonic asked Sutera for confirmation. She realized if this was someone else she would have ignored them, but  Sutera was almost like a sibling and some part of Sonic wanted to convince someone that what she was doing was the best for her life right now.

“Of course I am, why did not you talk to me first, I could have contacted my lecturer friend and offer you a place there. They are offering places for a communication degree based on work experience. You could have chosen journalism or corporate communication instead of art, only two years of studying. But now you have to start from the bottom. Do you always burden yourself with thoughtless acts?”

Sonic moved her ear away from Sutera, the former kunoichi’s voice was getting louder and louder as she criticized Sonic. People sitting nearby them were starting to look  which made Sonic grasp for Sutera’s face to shut her mouth. However Sutera, though no longer practicing ninja martial art grabbed Sonic’s hand and flipped the other woman over.

Sonic whooped and found herself squatting on the ground with her hand behind her. In a few seconds she was released and Sutera was crouching beside her apologizing. “Oh sorry Nic, old habits die hard I think. Come let me help you up.”

Sutera helped Sonic back onto her seat while Sonic noticed that the people nearby were scampering away to evade them.

“Opps sorry everyone, it was a joke. We were just rough joking,” Sutera said as she awkwardly locked Sonic in a half hug to demonstrate her point.

They both took their seats back and Sutera nervously took her straw to drink her juice in one slurp. Looking guiltily at the other still startled people she glanced at Sonic and said, “Well grandma was saying how proud she was seeing you on tv interviewing famous people. You even get to be on that ninja program as a guest, and you are a household name in our village.”

Sonic smiled at Sutera, despite Sutera’s harsh words Sonic knew her friend was only worried for her. She decided that since Sutera  was not going to quit nagging at her decision, which already happened, she might as well explain. Sonic frowned and agreed with herself that the decision to continue study part time at the local university for a degree in graphic design was made in private. No one except her office mates knew. She told them because she didn’t want to clash with her classes.

No one from her family knew, and people in the past life especially old friends. She also did not think her classmates needed to know, the ones from college where she studied mass communication with. She thought it was best that she finished her degree in two years time and then invite everyone to a graduation party when she finally got her scroll. However she did not know that Sutera was going to be a lecturer for the program, which led to this meeting.

“I am happy with my life right now, sure I am no longer free on weekends but this is my dream,” Sonic said as she lightly placed her hand on Sutera’s. At the back of Sonic’s head she was wondering why she needed to convince Sutera of her decision when her decision has no bearing on Sutera’s life at all in any way at all. But her instincts told her that Sonic needed to explain herself just this time.

“I’m just concerned, we are already 28 and to me you are better upgrading yourself as a journalist, rather than taking something new and starting from the bottom.” Sutera looked into Sonic’s dark eyes and must have seen something which made her realize something. “Well, I was not in your life for sometime but I met with your Grandma often and she often says positive things about you on tv. If you pursue this course you might end up working behind the scene, are you prepared for that?”

Sonic rolled her eyes and patted Sutera on her shoulder again, “My friend, this is the time to be multiskilled and even if I end up as a graphic designer I would be one hell of a designer. Or I might go to a vocational school and learn about sewing and dressmaking in five years time.”

Sutera sighed and said, “Well then, I will sure be there to rant about how fickle your life pursuit is. Do you want to stay here or we move somewhere else, maybe take a walk?”

Sonic let go of Sutera’s shoulder and quickly stand. “I’ll settle the bill, you wait for me outside.”

“Sure, thanks. I will make it up to you, are there stalls along the pavement? You didn’t finish your fries.”

“Buy me some donuts, street food greasy and heavy.”

“Second round,” Sutera said as she gathered her bag to leave.

Sonic took her own bag and wrapped her scarf around her neck. The purple scarf was her most prized accessory as she had knitted it five years ago when she was into knitting. Sonic knew her mind and pursues in life was fleeting like a butterfly going from one flower to another. As a child she wanted to be a cook but when she burnt her hands from frying an egg she quit that dream, then she wanted to be a dancer but Grandma told her that Flash, her sister was already one, so Sonic had searched over her teen years for an ambition and settled on either mass communication or acting. But she decided that she should work behind the scene rather than in front of the camera and so took up mass communication. She goes on tv once in awhile when they were short of staff like during festive seasons or the elections, but other times she was doing production work like editing and voice overs.

Being from a ninja village did not deter Sonic from dreaming of being something else too, being a ninja was her identity and the station she worked had about five programme producers from various ninja village. Sonic was never bored from being a ninja even if she sucked at training and in maintaining her fitness. As she walked beside Sutera along the pavement she thought about Sutera being worried for her. She now realized that Sutera ’s worries were an extension of her family’s, she knew her Grandma would be supportive but what about Flash and Keiji, her siblings. One was a professional dancer and the other a martial arts photographer and both are at a master’s level in their respective art. Sonic was a good producer but she was bored of her job, and then she found passion in drawing.

Sonic spent six months trying to learn how to draw properly, she loved drawing but had only drawn as a hobby. When work got bored she found herself loving to draw again. She learned how to draw from artist in media social but was not satisfied. She wanted a constant chance to learn and researched about art education. A graphic designer with her company had told her about a part time program from his alma mater which Sonic found herself interested in. She applied and a year down the lane and she was now a second year student.



Genos looked at his watch and saw that he reached the faculty just in time. He paid the Uber driver and added some tips before getting out.

“Sir, can I have a selfie with you?” the driver asked.

Genos was going to be late but he always make time for the public, so he smiled and suggested to the driver, “Let’s take a picture outside.”

“Thanks man,” the driver wasted no second to reach for his phone and got out of the car.

After a slew of wefies were taken, the driver offered his hand to Genos. “Mr Genos, I am proud to be your fan. You are doing great things with the air force.”

“Genos, just call me Genos. Thanks man. Drive safe!” he said as the man shook his hand vigorously just as they made contact.

Uber driver drove away and Genos looked up at the grey building he had been coming to on annnually.

As Genos set foot inside the building’s foyer he noticed how quiet the building was. It was a Sunday and his friend told him that there were only part time students today, numbering about five groups of fifteen people which explained the quiet atmosphere.

Genos made his way to his friend’s classroom on the second floor. He arrived at a room with its number matching the information seen on his eye screen and knocked on the door.

“Come in, you are earlier than my students,” answered a voice.

“Hi,” Genos said as he walked into the class. His friend was standing in the front of the room looking at some papers.

“Ah Genos, none of my students are here yet so you have to wait. Thank you for coming what with your busy schedule”, said Saitama while waving at Genos.

“I am never busy for you, you have helped the air force so many times in helping us design our visual publicity campaign so this was nothing.” Genos did not need to mention the enemy fighting Saitama had helped the air force with. Saitama was not just an art teacher he was also with the Hero Association on his day off. They shook hands and Genos smiled.

“I haven’t even told my students that you are going to be our model today, I told them that they were drawing something mechanical today.”

“How many students are there?”

“Twelve, two are absent family matters, you want to change into your robe first. And just as a formality a briefing, I requested you model without any clothing except for the customary cloth for scandal protection?”

“Yes as in the email, I go change in the room back there right?” Genos asked about the changing room which he had memorized by now. He had in fact volunteered for this class since he joined the airforce years ago. He had admired Saitama for a long time and Saitama never had a cyborg model for his class.

Genoa wasn’t a soldier but his cyborg parts were built by Dr.Kuseno of the air force. He served as their futuristic icon and carried out missions which was deemed too dangerous for humans. Genos was only 21 but he had 6 years of defending his nation from human enemies and aliens, and also modelling.

Genos changed into his robe and sat on the chair placed on a pedestal in the middle of the class. He watched as one by one the students enter, too tardy for his liking but Saitama just let them take their seats to begin the class. Genos took off his robe while strategically draped a cloth over his ‘private part’. The students were snickering when they recognized Genos. Genos got into his robot pose and stayed still. Saitama’s student who were good in sketching used charcoal to draw while the inexperienced ones used pencils.

Genos made occasional eye contact with students who smiled at him and even smiled at them before Saitama commented on how he should be still for them to draw instead of flirting. Genos laughed before resuming his position while the student he had smiled at turned crimson from embarrassment.


Sonic was dead late to her drawing class which she had been trying to get good at. She mentally slap herself for oversleeping. Saitama had told her to just draw and keep her reservations away because the only way to be good was to draw often. But as Sonic was keen to improve herself in drawing she forced herself to class even when she was half an hour late. Saitama wouldn’t be happy.

She knocked on the door and saw that Saitama was nowhere to be seen but the class seemed to be on. She eyed her classmates but they ignored her and were instead eyes locked onto something else. Sonic glanced and saw that there was a robot sitting on the seat where life model would sit. She sat down on an empty chair and got out her paper and pencils. She set the paper on the stand all while looking at the robot. The robot looked heavy and she wondered if Saitama had brought it here himself. Her lecturer was strong and could lift it even if it was the weight of a car. She wondered where Saitama got it from, maybe the mechatronics faculty?

“Hey Nelly,” Sonic shouted at her classmate who was sitting nearby.

“Yeah,” Nelly answered as she sketched.

“How many tonnes do you think that thing is?”

“Mmm, 92 kilograms.”

“That’s impossible, it’s a replica of a robot, why would it be so light, like a human’s weight?” Sonic said as she eyed the robot. “Why is the face built like a human, do you think the skin feels like a human’s?”

Sonic dropped her pencils and turned around to check for Saitama.

“He told us he would return later, he had someone to meet he said, it might be awhile, but he wanted us to draw at least something. So you better start sketching Nic,” Nelly said.

“Eh, I am curious about it, it’s inanimate huh?” Sonic said as she arranged her pencils on the stand and got up to get closer to the robot. She heard a gasp from her classmate and a question.

“Just what the heck are you onto? Saitama won’t like you touching that,” another classmate warned her through gritted teeth.

Sonic chose to defy them she was never good at listening  orders anyway.“ Just let me see if it’s as metal as it looks,” Sonic took one of the robot’s hand which the robot had on its lap and tried to lift it. She was surprised that the robot was cool to the touch like metal, and it’s hand was easy to lift. She touched the robot’s elbow to see whether it was the built of the robot which made the hand easy to move around. Sonic moved the arm up and down and then waved it around. She made a mock robotic voice and said, “Hey Hi, I am a robot, my name is Robot.”

A worried voice called again, “Nic stop it.”

Sonic didn’t need them at all. “Saitama isn’t here, and I’ll finish my sketch in time. Just a minute.” Sonic put the robot’s hand beside the robot but continued to inspect the robot.

She looked at it’s face, chest and then legs  Only then she noticed that the robot had its genital part covered, she wondered why the need to cover it, it isn’t like she never drew male genitalia before. Just as she lifted the edge of the cloth she saw a hand of the robot grabbing her arm and Sonic moved in response.

“Whoa!” Sonic shouted as she spun around and locked the hand in between her knees and slammed the robot onto the floor.

Her classmates shouted and Sonic stilled. Then she felt cold mechanical arm pry her feet away to free the hand and she gasped in surprise. In a blink she was spun around and was soon standing upright with her hands held apart. She frowned when she saw that the robot was holding her wrists apart so she couldn’t move. Sonic struggled for a little before realising that the robot was stronger than her.

“Robot, who’s controlling you? Is Saitama behind this?” she looked furiously into the robot’s eyes.

“My name is Genos, and I am a cyborg not robot, human brain inside, but man made body parts. Do you ignore everything your teacher asks you to?” the cyborg’s’ tone was serious.

Sonic looked into the yellow eyes of the cyborg and realized that the pupil were dilating and very focused on her. “Hey, are you scanning me?” she shouted while wriggling to escape. She assumed that the cyborg might possess some advanced artificial intelligence which could do some harm. Meanwhile behind them her classmates were telling her to cooperate. “I’ll call for Saitama,” one student said.

“No need it’s ok,” Genos glanced over the other students before turning back to Sonic. “You are a journalist with CABC Station right, Sonic?”

“Programme producer, now let me go,” Sonic said as she looked away annoyed at the fact that the robot knew more about her now. He must have accessed the Internet just now as all Sonic’s video appearances for work and her contact details as a programme producer were posted in her company’s website.

“I will if you promise to let me do my work in peace,” Genos said this time in a friendlier tone. His hold loosened a bit but he didn’t let go of Sonic yet.

“What is that?” she asked angrily.

“Be a model for your drawing class,” he said as he let go of her.

“Ok, ok, do your job, whatever,” Sonic said as Genos let go. She returned to her seat and avoided her classmates’ questioning eyes. She massaged her wrists as a silent protest to being manhandled. Soon the class resumed working in a state of hushed dialogues while Genos resumed his modelling job.

Sonic sketched a dumb looking robot not referenced by Genos in case Saitama come checking, but the bald lecturer only returned five minutes before class ended. He brought back a box which he placed on his table, “I am sorry that I am not here to monitor ye all, so please post your progress in the online class for me ok. Say thank you to Genos.”

The class thanked Genos in a sing song and they all packed for the next class. Sonic packed her things quickly and waited for her classmate to exit but they had other ideas. They were all crowding a now clothed Genos and were taking wefies with him. Sonic cringed and left the class.



Sonic was waiting for her next class in the foyer seats when Genos wearing a hoodie with ripped sleeves and jeans walk by. She decided to take out her phone and feign web browsing to ignore Genos.

“Sonic, hey, I am sorry if I startled you,” Genos said. Sonic sighed in her mind, Genos just had to stop by.

“What?” Sonic looked from her phone to the taller cyborg.

“On the other hand, you should have abide Saitama’s orders.”

“Whatever, I was never the goody two shoes anyway,” Sonic said as she wondered why Genos was bothering to talk to her despite her uninterested disposition. She would certainly face some consequences from Saitama later since she had not drawn a thing but she bet Genos must have a likeness somewhere on the Internet which she could use a reference. Cyborgs weren’t a dime a dozen after all.

“You don’t know me do you?” Genos asked.

“I work for tv but I am sorry, I don’t know you,” Sonic said. She never interview any cyborg for work nor know any personally.

“Well, let’s go out and have some drinks and maybe we can get to know each other,” Genos said.

“Are you flirting with me?” Sonic asked as she finally locked her phone and slid it into her pocket. Genos was not going anywhere.

“You are a programme producer, a journalist, and I work with the air force in the publicity side, maybe we can work something out?” Genos said before pausing. “Also as apology for surprising you back then.”

Sonic was usually hard headed but Genos was being sincere and maybe he could offer her a scoop. So what could she lose by this opportunity? Smirking, Sonic decided to accept Genos’ offer. “So you work with the air force huh? I never dealt with them so I am intrigued,” Sonic was supposed to know about things as a producer but she was not into enforcements or the army, she usually cover weird stories and scandalous affairs between celebrities. They were petty issues which quickly made her bored.

“Do you want to visit the state of the art of laboratory we have not officiated yet, it would be a scoop I think,” Genos offered.

Sonic’s eyes lit up at the mention. “Well then, what’s your number? It’s an interview then.”

Sonic looked into Genos’ eyes as she fished out her phone. He had crinkles at the edge of his eyes as he spoke about the air force’s new lab. Sonic thought that wasn’t possible seeing that he must have artificial skin for a face, and why would the cyborg maker bothered to give him wrinkles were beyond her. But the crinkles made his face appear warmer.

“We’ll text me when you’re free and I’ll take you to the best hang out place in town, I do drink and eat, my brain needs food.”

Sonic saved Genos’ number in her phone and said, “Ok. I have so much question for you, you know.”

“Sure, fire away when we meet again, you have class right now.”

Sonic nodded and offered her hand to Genos. “See you around?”

Genos took her friend and shook it. “Yeah. By the way no one rattled to Saitama about what you did back there.”

“Hmm, nice friends I have.”

“Ok see you around.”

Sonic thought she should apologize, now that she’s becoming acquainted with Genos. “I’m sorry too, about what I did back there.”

“Small matter but are you a ninja, you have quick reflexes.”

“Yes, I am from the east village,” Sonic explained.

“Do you spar?” Genos inquired again.

“Twice a week at least when work and study isn’t that packed.”

“Great, then I can show you the air force sparring room too. Ok, I think we better set up a date as this is turning into a date itself.”

“Ok, I’ll go.”

“Me too, I should get back.” Genos nodded and started walking towards the exit of the faculty. He smiled as he glanced back to see Sonic disappearing inside a hall. Sonic was ok he thought and maybe we can be friends.

Sonic got into her next class just in time. There were only five students in this class and they were all here. Time to focus on her class.

Genos open his Uber app and proceed to call for a ride. His mind was reflecting in Sonic and suddenly he was aware of how Sonic was shorter than him and are those tattoos under her eyes. He wondered if all her ninja peers have them or was it a personal thing? He also wondered why Genos working on tv was learning art, maybe it’s a hobby, he thought. He’ll have lots of opportunity later to get to know her, they’ll have dates. That sounded weird, dates? instead of appointment. Genos searched the keyword and found out that date was a term appointed for meetings on a romantic setting. He was only introduced to Sonic but he discovered that he didn’t mind being on a date with her. She was feisty and fast, she was stubborn and also cute. Dark short hair and dark expressive eyes, no he didn’t mind. He hoped that she wouldn’t mind.

On one knee

This is an Erwin Smith appreciation post. So I was rewatching Shingeki No Kyojin episod 13 to 15 and saw some meaningful and cute scenes to decipher here.

So In SNK S1 E14, there’s  a moment when Erwin met Eren after the Titan shifter was in court with Commander-in-chief Zackley. I noticed that Erwin knelt to talk to Eren though Eren could just stand to talk to him, seeing that his tooth grew back meaning that he was ok from being beaten. And I fangirled, Erwin really knows how to respect people around him.

Eren was at a disadvantage here seeing that he is a Titan shifter and would probably do anything the Survey Corps told him to do. However Erwin showed more love to him by kneeling to talk to him, he needs Eren help and he invites Eren to help them by showing him gentleness. Bear with me, English is my second language so I am scavenging for words here.

Anyway put the situation side by side with this moment here and you can see that Erwin is the type to lower himself to someone’s level just to talk to them. That’s a people oriented leader.

Erwin could just stand there and offer Levi to join the Survey Corps from a standing position.

See. Levi’s at a total disadvantage here and he was dirty and on his knees, he must have felt totally demeaned at this moment. On the contrary there’s Erwin standing tall over there having just defeated the underground’s most successful thug. But alas…

Erwin Smith being the humble man that he is (ingenious too, I used conniving at first but that ain’t the correct word, sorry) knelt down to talk to Levi.

 And there we go, Erwin Smith on one knee getting people to upheld his vision.


Nanowrimo Day 14


I am chillin’ for the past two days. Just had class on Saturday and Sunday (I study graphic design on a part time basis, 5 weekend classes a semester and online interactions) and am starting on my next batch of assignments.

That’s on the academic front, while on the leisure front there’s none happening. And no progress on my Nanowrimo. I typed about 1700 words early on but abandoned them. There’s another 16 days to go so we’ll see then.