Escaping life through fiction.

So far my decision to foray into writing is fruitful. Even though it might seem benign to start with fanfiction but it has honed my writing skill beyond my expectation. Writing in English and writing in Malay involves the same thought process and so far I have achieved a measurable success in it. I am hoping to get published in an anthology about river in 18 months. To publish a book is a year long process anyway.

Why write? First and foremost it was because I wanted to escape reality, to be able to shape my fantasies into a readable form. So far I’ve had about 20 people enjoying my stories at a fanfiction website. Writing fanfiction on your own blog is tricky because fanfiction is sucha a niche thing and it involves copyrighting so it’s best to publish it where the folks crowd.

Through writing I realize about more things about myself and what levels of things am I ready to explore. Writing romance was hard, gore and epic stories. I do best writing about insecure and average people, haha. Actually so far I write in genres where people like most, like chic lit and funny stories. I enjoy humour and people have told me when I was ten years younger, that I am like a slapstick comedienne. Lol.

Anyway my personal life is quite a mess so that’s another reason why I write. Since I can’t persuade the people around me, then I shape them in my stories. I am in quite a blur and English is my second language, so I am going to rephrase that. You know how some people annoys the hell out of you when you are just busy minding your own business, and you can’t control how they act towards you, well I use the tension between them and the frustration I feel when dealing with them towards shaping an angsty character. I am a very emotional person so I tend to write when I am being extra emotional. I am feeling bored right now so I am on a writing hiatus. Let’s see if I could write tomorrow. The drafts are ready but the feelings are escaping me.



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