Plotting, Writing and Finishing a Fanfiction.

So far I have written 15 fanfictions surrounding Naruto Alternate Universe. The thing is only four of them are one shots and none of the other tens were finished. Writing fanfiction is really an addictive thing to do. I ended up having lots of prompts in my head and made the mistake of launching them on my fanfic / AO3 site. It’s been a roller coaster ride ever since.


To me as a first time writer, plotting was secondary to writing. The euphoria of finally having an outlet to write was overwhelming and beyond my wildest imagination. The ‘what could have happened if we put Sasuke and Naruto in high school, or genderbend them and make them fall in love’ drove me into plotting lots and lots of stories. Now I write them down and keep it in drafts. My advice to wannabe writers, plot your stories before you start writing them.


Writing took hours and hours of my life. I used to update three fics in a week. But then Nanowrimo came and I was burnt out from that. Writing is easy when you have plots. I tried making schedules, but so far I failed at that. I should make a routines, so that I won’t burn out easily.


Someone said that it’s better to have a not so prefect unfinished story than an unfinished perfect story. So until I continue my studies, I will finish all ten fics. Wish me luck. It’s better to end it in an imperfect note because then you can come and again and again to repair it. Making something perfect is a loooooong process. So better draft it and spend years perfecting it. sometimes perfection is boring.



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