Of Children and Free Time

With children the unspoken truth behind their existence is that, the parents have less private times after children. Children are troublesome little creature (parents are too but who likes to blame themselves right, hahhaa), can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

I tried spending a few days without them and I found that beyond three hours, life without them was boring. How did I do it? No, I didn’t leave them behind. I just took a week off and went everywhere that’s not the office. On one day I went to a mall, sat down in one of the appealing looking restaurant, ordered a glass of sugarless watermelon juice and a plate of popia – a rolled up fried pasta containing a variety of veges – with tomyam dip. I tore a page of drawing block and started drawing with ink and brush.

It was bliss the first hour, the second fruitful. The third hour as I finished my drawing, it made no sense to waste time sitting down alone. It was nice while it lasted but it was nicer to have them around and drawing with them. They aren’t the best at behaving around colours and brushes, but I liked to think that I am exposing art to them earlier. My walls are pasted with less than ten artworks by my five year old and I loved it. I wish I could frame them all, I might do that one of these days.

Anyway lesson learned was that these children were the original reason I returned to writing and drawing. I spent a good decade wasting time doing nothing, I had no motivation to draw and write. Ok, I took photography during that time. But now since my cameras are resting pending maintenance, I am drawing. Really all you need is a pencil and paper to draw. I am unlearning to be an imperfect artist, but it’s been hard. Some days I feel like tearing my hair apart when drawing hands was as tough as childbirth. Then sometimes I think that having some free time sans kids was going to be great. Actually time with them was better.

At different time of my life, I do have differing thoughts when it came to ‘me time’ while having kids. These little creatures are my world now, and I think I should start art-ing with them around. While art-ing is ok, though writing with them is a little difficult since writing is a 90 percent focus activity. With art-ing like drawing, you can paint abstract things while telling them to paint circles or lines.

I will embrace my motherhood steadily and angst ridden, since I am a very emotional person. Well, that’s why I write and draw and paint. They are part of who I am and I hope my kids will inherit them too.

Fanart of Speed Of Sound Sonic from One Punch Man.



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