Writing in English vs native language.

I think I am good in English, written especially though I suck in speaking. I don’t speak English and I hardly speak it in a day. Maybe like one sentence a day, maybe even a phrase only. I rarely speak English because at my workplace we mainly use Bahasa in our daily operations. My best friend even scorned me for speaking in halting English. Sigh, I think she has changed her perception since getting engaged to a Russian guy.

However when it comes to native language, I am more proficient in speaking than writing. That is a given since I live and breathe in Bahasa Melayu, my native language. I am using English as a second language and there’s no place to speak in English so I read and write in English. Right now I am on a roll when it comes to writing fanfiction. There’s less criticism in writing English fanfiction, maybe the only strong criticism coming from oneself. But that’s another story, if you don’t learn to be self critical you’ll have less need to improve and therefore no improvement in the future.

I published a fanfiction in Bahasa Melayu in archive of our own, a fanfiction site and had so far received a few encouraging comments, except for one. The one comment hated the pairing, well I promptly pressed the delete comment button. The point is before this I posted it in Fanfiction.net and only got two comments, and one of them is vague. Now, I think that Archive Of Our Own residents are more receptive than Fanfiction.

Not so further in the future, I am thinking of writing a novel but so far I don’t have a concrete storyline. My most promising prompt now is  two person meeting at 7 years old, 17 years old and 27 years old. The meeting point would revolve around shared values, friendship and maybe marriage. On the other hand, maybe some inserts in failed relationship, maybe one of them or maybe they got married, divorced, meet at 57 and become friends or something. The central theme maybe that life is abstract / specific, love is universal / precious / evil / meaningless.

Well, that’s all. See ya later. I took time off in December but did not do anything regarding writing at all. I am such a failure when it comes to planning. Yeah, I know failure to plan is planning to fail – maybe not in all but at the things you want to do.





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