I am a latecomer. Maybe I should delete that and come to terms that I can change my attitude in coming late to work and start coming on time or before time. I am so demotivated. It’s like what I have done does not matter just because I come half an hour late to work. Like all my worth depended on my time of arrival.

In a real world it sucks to be a late comer. In another world coming to work late would mean returning home late, but not here at all. You are paid to come early so do it. Sobs. I better come earlier than early tomorrow. No more dawdling it seems. Goodbye world I am off to bed and waking up early for the next 270 days to 2018. I know come 2nd January I have to come on time again. Sigh. I don’t know why I am so bad at arriving before 8.30 am.


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