When life gives you lemon, you squeeze it and make jars of lemonades. Business minded people will sell it while the rest of us drink it under the sunny sky. I think I am one of those who will drink it under the sun. I am not doing any business right now like selling something, or selling things for someone else. I am just not up to it. My past hobby included drawing on shoes, sewing things, making bracelets and many more.  I wrote past because I haven’t done any of it in the past four months, instead I have been writing and drawing weekly since 2017 started. I am in a quandary, should I sell any of the craft supplies I haven’t use or do I use them up until only a small amount left so I don’t feel regret about selling them. I am actually feeling guilty about buying them but not using them. Like wasting money and then getting nothing. I want to achieve something from my abandoned hobby but i haven’t made any advancement at all. Sigh, I should make some brainstorming sessions about this issue of mine rather than let it wallow while the craft supplies rot in the store. Thanks for reading 😦


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