Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – My Review

Boruto the telly anime was fun to watch. I thought it would be just like a continuation of Naruto but it’s new and the new generation are very different from Naruto characters. While Naruto genins dealt with an old school form of child-raising and traumatizing back stories, the genins in Boruto dealt with a more open and adaptive society. For example Shikamaru was really tolerant of his son’s behaviour only offering a wordy advice instead of a physical punishment.

Anyway, at first I thought it was going to be a pain to watch thinking that it will be filler like with made up things… but boy was I wrong. Heck I was influenced by some tumblrs accusing it of being a filler to Naruto. For a long running anime, Naruto was never a perfect anime for it’s die hard fans. After a year of tumblr the fandom was never really satiated with the ending, and I for one am sad over Neji’s death. So whatever Boruto presented it was quick to welcome criticism.

In my opinion, Boruto is a winded up version of Naruto. The opening of a sixteen years old Boruto with a Byakugan in one eye was really good, it makes you want to wait for a few years to see how Boruto ended up like that. The enemy also said that Naruto was dead and that made it the more intriguing.

I loved and hated Naruto anime while I watched it along the way. I was a young adult when I watched it so I already have strong preferences in what I watch. But Boruto got me by episode four. I think Boruto was good from the start after mulling over it. Ok, not counting Sarada’s short dress though, everything’s great. It’s nice to see a mini me version of Naruto having a sister and mom unlike his orphaned dad. I have no opinions when it came to Hinata and Himawari so far so I won’t go there.

Sarada is kick ass, I love Sarada’s no nonsense attitude and the use of tech in the ninja world. I hope that in the future Naruto will have positive screen time with his son via Boruto. It would be a shame to paint him as a very ambitious child dreaming about being a Hokage who aims to change the world, only to fail miserably as a parent. A parent is not perfect but he/she is not made up of failures, even if you lived with your parent for a day there should be something he gave you – something small, something preciously positive which shaped you. Ok this talking about Dads who actually takes care of you even for a day not the ones abandoning you.

Anyway some screen caps from the movie. Thankfully the Boruto art is different from the manga ones. The manga artwork was quirky. 

There’s Sarada, Boruto!, Chocho and the gang. We get to see them a little younger than they were in the Boruto movie.


And spoiler!
Suddenly a wild Mitsuki appears.

While Orochimaru ran around Konoha with Tenzou in tow,
his child was snooping on Boruto and gang.



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