Fanart : Levihan


Levihan coloured and black + white versions. My colouring skills are still meh but on the other hand I think I found my style of drawing Levi. As for Hange, I wish I could draw her looking crazier. Hange looks so relaxed here, or maybe she is relaxed because she is sitting with her bff/scandal/boyfriend Levi. I only had a 005 micron pen on hand at the office but this happened thankfully, the ink was running out when I was lining Levi. I should go finish my Inktober tonight, maybe spend an hour just doodling.

That odd lines on Levi’s forehead are frowns, I imagine Levi frowning as Hange tells him something silly or sweet from her childhood days. Levi likes to discuss her story like it is

Yeah Levi would totally sit on grass for Hange.


Shingeki No Kyojin Cosplay

As an avid wannabe, I wanted to cosplay for sometime but had no inclination towards anything in particular. One of my initial thought was to try hijab lolita cosplay but I don’t really feel like dolling up as a too feminine character. Thus so far I have chosen to try out pseudo cat woman cosplay last year, and also tried being Konan at a few ACG (anime comic games) events here in Malaysia.

Anyway recently I got myself addicted to the anime and manga Shingeki No Kyojin or Attack On Titan, and I feel that the Scout Regiment cosplay is suitable for me. They have major characters in their 30s and that made me jump with joy. I also think that the cosplay is attainable, and most probably I might try to be a female hijabista Hange Zoe. She wears a glass and I also wear one, so I might need to repurpose my old spectacles into a strapped goggle like how she wears one outside the walls.

Of course no cosplay research is complete with a gugel search. There is a wealth of information out there. Let’s look at my gugel results.

Here is a tutorial on how to diy the 3DMG straps.


This is a tutorial on how to make the 3DMG thingies.

The rest of the costumes can easily be bought online. Like the straps, if you are from Malaysia you can buy from overseas via lazada. So far my shopping experience with Lazada is quite pleasant, I bought a series of Naruto characters last year and they arrive healthy as hell within the delivery duration promised.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 9.44.58 AM

Jacket with Wings of freedom emblem
The Wings of freedom cloak
The Swords


ps : It’s going to cost at least RM200 for me to complete the cosplay but I think it is going to be worth it.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – My Review

Boruto the telly anime was fun to watch. I thought it would be just like a continuation of Naruto but it’s new and the new generation are very different from Naruto characters. While Naruto genins dealt with an old school form of child-raising and traumatizing back stories, the genins in Boruto dealt with a more open and adaptive society. For example Shikamaru was really tolerant of his son’s behaviour only offering a wordy advice instead of a physical punishment.

Anyway, at first I thought it was going to be a pain to watch thinking that it will be filler like with made up things… but boy was I wrong. Heck I was influenced by some tumblrs accusing it of being a filler to Naruto. For a long running anime, Naruto was never a perfect anime for it’s die hard fans. After a year of tumblr the fandom was never really satiated with the ending, and I for one am sad over Neji’s death. So whatever Boruto presented it was quick to welcome criticism.

In my opinion, Boruto is a winded up version of Naruto. The opening of a sixteen years old Boruto with a Byakugan in one eye was really good, it makes you want to wait for a few years to see how Boruto ended up like that. The enemy also said that Naruto was dead and that made it the more intriguing.

I loved and hated Naruto anime while I watched it along the way. I was a young adult when I watched it so I already have strong preferences in what I watch. But Boruto got me by episode four. I think Boruto was good from the start after mulling over it. Ok, not counting Sarada’s short dress though, everything’s great. It’s nice to see a mini me version of Naruto having a sister and mom unlike his orphaned dad. I have no opinions when it came to Hinata and Himawari so far so I won’t go there.

Sarada is kick ass, I love Sarada’s no nonsense attitude and the use of tech in the ninja world. I hope that in the future Naruto will have positive screen time with his son via Boruto. It would be a shame to paint him as a very ambitious child dreaming about being a Hokage who aims to change the world, only to fail miserably as a parent. A parent is not perfect but he/she is not made up of failures, even if you lived with your parent for a day there should be something he gave you – something small, something preciously positive which shaped you. Ok this talking about Dads who actually takes care of you even for a day not the ones abandoning you.

Anyway some screen caps from the movie. Thankfully the Boruto art is different from the manga ones. The manga artwork was quirky. 

There’s Sarada, Boruto!, Chocho and the gang. We get to see them a little younger than they were in the Boruto movie.


And spoiler!
Suddenly a wild Mitsuki appears.

While Orochimaru ran around Konoha with Tenzou in tow,
his child was snooping on Boruto and gang.



When life gives you lemon, you squeeze it and make jars of lemonades. Business minded people will sell it while the rest of us drink it under the sunny sky. I think I am one of those who will drink it under the sun. I am not doing any business right now like selling something, or selling things for someone else. I am just not up to it. My past hobby included drawing on shoes, sewing things, making bracelets and many more.  I wrote past because I haven’t done any of it in the past four months, instead I have been writing and drawing weekly since 2017 started. I am in a quandary, should I sell any of the craft supplies I haven’t use or do I use them up until only a small amount left so I don’t feel regret about selling them. I am actually feeling guilty about buying them but not using them. Like wasting money and then getting nothing. I want to achieve something from my abandoned hobby but i haven’t made any advancement at all. Sigh, I should make some brainstorming sessions about this issue of mine rather than let it wallow while the craft supplies rot in the store. Thanks for reading 😦


I am a latecomer. Maybe I should delete that and come to terms that I can change my attitude in coming late to work and start coming on time or before time. I am so demotivated. It’s like what I have done does not matter just because I come half an hour late to work. Like all my worth depended on my time of arrival.

In a real world it sucks to be a late comer. In another world coming to work late would mean returning home late, but not here at all. You are paid to come early so do it. Sobs. I better come earlier than early tomorrow. No more dawdling it seems. Goodbye world I am off to bed and waking up early for the next 270 days to 2018. I know come 2nd January I have to come on time again. Sigh. I don’t know why I am so bad at arriving before 8.30 am.

TV Production vs Office Hour Work

I miss making programs for television or even video production. It’s been twelve years since I did a video project like directing, editing or even holding the camera. The last time I was directly involved was acting as the host for my internal production about five years ago and it was fun. These days I am working as an editor for online content.

The thing about video production is that you have to get out and produce, and the people you work with don’t operate on a 8.30 am to 5.30 pm basis. I am not sure if doing production during office hours only would impair a producer’s / director’s creativity but it’s been traditional that it’s an odd job work. It was as if you have to go home late because your team works late. I found this unappealing and why I am not ready to jump into production.

I am currently working 8.30 am to 5.30 pm and am quite comfortable in this role because I have two kids, a preschooler and not so quite a toddler. The thing is I don’t have night or weekend nanny so I am taking the office hour route. Ok sometimes I arrive later at 9.00 am and onwards still I come back home just before my kid’s daycare closes.

Ok my arguments are useless, there’s no reason why I should not work as a TV program producer. Hell I am just procrastinating here, at my rate the most I would be if I transferred office now would be a Floor Manager or Assistant Producer. Hmmm. I really want to change job scopes but am too afraid to do anything about it.

Before this I blame it on my condition of not knowing and owning a transport, and then I learned how to drive and started driving my own car. Now I am using my kids as the reason behind my reluctance. This is all psychology maybe, and maybe I do need a paradigm shift in 2017. Pray hard that I will have the strength to change this thinking that not working office hour would be a bad thing.