NaNoWriMo 2016

I am so glad that I indulged in fanfiction because I used it as a platform to write my NaNoWriMo. English is my second language so by writing with established characters and a certain ready idea, fanfiction was my best bet when writing in a time crucnh. I was being distracted constantly, and having no time and motivation was part of the challenges when I do NaNoWriMo. With fanfiction getting my ideas around was easier this year and i managed to score 35k words on 30th November 2016.

It’s a cliche but as a full time working mother writing for NaNoWriMo was tough. I soldiered on despite all these because it was a way to escape my boring reality.

Now that I have actually written more than 10k for NaNoWriMo this year, I hope to soar further and reach for a win next year. Good luck to all for next year and congratulations if you have succeeded this year.

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Escaping life through fiction.

So far my decision to foray into writing is fruitful. Even though it might seem benign to start with fanfiction but it has honed my writing skill beyond my expectation. Writing in English and writing in Malay involves the same thought process and so far I have achieved a measurable success in it. I am hoping to get published in an anthology about river in 18 months. To publish a book is a year long process anyway.

Why write? First and foremost it was because I wanted to escape reality, to be able to shape my fantasies into a readable form. So far I’ve had about 20 people enjoying my stories at a fanfiction website. Writing fanfiction on your own blog is tricky because fanfiction is sucha a niche thing and it involves copyrighting so it’s best to publish it where the folks crowd.

Through writing I realize about more things about myself and what levels of things am I ready to explore. Writing romance was hard, gore and epic stories. I do best writing about insecure and average people, haha. Actually so far I write in genres where people like most, like chic lit and funny stories. I enjoy humour and people have told me when I was ten years younger, that I am like a slapstick comedienne. Lol.

Anyway my personal life is quite a mess so that’s another reason why I write. Since I can’t persuade the people around me, then I shape them in my stories. I am in quite a blur and English is my second language, so I am going to rephrase that. You know how some people annoys the hell out of you when you are just busy minding your own business, and you can’t control how they act towards you, well I use the tension between them and the frustration I feel when dealing with them towards shaping an angsty character. I am a very emotional person so I tend to write when I am being extra emotional. I am feeling bored right now so I am on a writing hiatus. Let’s see if I could write tomorrow. The drafts are ready but the feelings are escaping me.


First blog post

Hi. I am not new to blogs but for my writing adventures I prefer to use a new platform so here’s my wordpress site. You can find me on and by the name LycheeRambutan. The name is borrowed from two kinds of ASEAN fruits, which when unpeeled looks very similar.

Lychee can be made into a drink and be put into desserts while the other is eaten raw and is a flavour for ice cream I think. I had a few aliases for my anonymous writing but finally settled on Lychee Rambutan. I know that one can’t remain anonymous for long on Internet but this way I can somehow separate reality from my wannabe world.

Yeah, I am a wannabe writer. So far I’ve written some poems for a local publication about two decades ago. From primary school to Secondary school I indulged in writing and drawing for hobbies only. I think I did write one or two article for the school magazine. At University I never wrote anything for print, only assignments and love letters. Lol. I even made a comic about me and my boyfriend (future husband) when we were in the initial stage of our relationship. It seems cheap and  silly but now I could see that it was a foundation to my future.

I am middle 30s and sometimes it seems like it is too late for me to be writing and doing arts while people my age seem to be really comfortable in their current position. I used to care about that… But I decided to just go on with life. People will say things and be judgemental but they won’t stop you because talk is cheap.

So here I am, I have written 13 fanfiction stories. Four of which are short stories in English. Fanfiction is perfect for creating stories and writing without plot. It is a very free place for authors. Of course I crave for writing original fiction. So far I have only one which I can’t publish here anyone else. It’s in the Malay language and for it I won second prize. Just got the cheque last weekend and signed the contract for copyright. It will be published within 18 months and after publication I will get ten free copies. I am so proud of myself.

I used to have many feelings about wriitng, mainly because it involves not finishing the story. But nowadays since I started writing for fanfiction, when I actually put pen to paper, or finger sto keyboard a lot of magic happens. I am always plotting my unfinished stories. I started only with a basic plot and when the actual writings came, I fell flat on the floor crying. This is much like the sayings go, ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Very much right. See you around.